3 Fun Facts About Tattoos

Tattoos are nothing new to the world. Actually they are one of the most common forms of arts. They have been there for quite sometime and have evolved from designs to just how people view them. People are making money out of being a tattoo artist and has seen careers come in handy for them. The business of being a tattoo artist is quite common as you will find a number of shops opening up and clients ling up for this art. Even celebrities have tattoos so why not. Tattoos can mean different things depending on what is drawn or what you choose to draw as you can have anything drawn on your body in the form of a tattoo.

Here are some 3 fun facts about tattoos:

Tattoos are addictive

Once you get one tattoo you will always want to get another one done. This is because of the thrill of having one plus how good it feels showing it off. You are actually advised by your artist of how addictive it can get. Just one tattoo can make you go for a couple more in a week. They are that addictive.

Oldest tattoo

Ever thought of the first person who got a tattoo. The first person to get a tattoo is said to have been Otzi the Iceman and was estimated to have drawn in 3370 and 3310 BC. This was even before Christ was born meaning tattoos are no new shows on human bodies. He had 61 tattoos of simple dots and lines which had been drawing with just carbon ink – read article on tattoo for medical reasons.

Misspelling of the word tattoo

The word tattoo is one of the most misspelled words. This is because most people misspell it as ‘tatto’ or also ‘tatoo’. its actually quite common worldwide and is no new issue.